Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Sexual assault website launched

The Rainy River District Victim Services Program is trying to end sexual violence against men and women of all ages by creating a local Sexual Assault Network and recently launching a website to provide resources to those who need them.
Peggy Loyie of Victim Services here explained the Rainy River District Sexual Assault Network is an online community that brings together services in the Rainy River District for survivors of sexual assault and promotes communication and dialogue amongst service providers.

“We have many partners that we work with,” she noted, mentioning local counselling agencies. “We all work together to do a number of referrals.”
She indicated all the partners got together to put together the Sexual Assault Network and launching the website was the first step in doing that.
“Our summer student put together an awesome website,” Loyie expressed. “She did a great job. We are really lucky.”
She said the Network consists of local individuals and organizations committed to ending sexual violence.
“All service providers in this Network aim to follow a mandated Sexual Assault Protocol to ensure that every one receives the best care available,” she noted, citing the website is available for individuals in the district to better understand and access the physical, emotional, mental, legal, and other support services available in our area following a sexual assault.
Loyie stressed a website such as this is needed and she will certainly be directly local clients toward it.
“We have a lot of work to do in terms of how do we keep people from falling through the cracks,” she expressed.
“But what we wanted to do was a least put together something that someone could go to find resources if they thought they needed them and thought they were ready to access them,” she added.
For more information about the Network, visit www.rrdsexualassaultnetwork.com

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