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Poor fan support

Dear sir:

I would first like to congratulate the Muskie junior and senior girls’ basketball teams on winning NorWOSSA gold. I also would like to thank the volunteer coaches for coming forward this year and doing such a great job and enabling these girls to play basketball this season.

I would especially like to congratulate the senior girls’ team and coach Paul Noonan on their strong showing this past Friday and Saturday against St. Ignatius from Thunder Bay as they competed for the NWOSSAA title.

On behalf of all the parents, thanks again, Paul, for taking time out of your busy schedule and for the wonderful job you have done with the girls this year. It has been more than 15 years since FFHS has competed at the NWOSSAA level in senior girls’ basketball!

But I would like to say the turnout of fan support for our court sports could be better. We have a new high school, with one of the best gyms in Northwestern Ontario. It’s warm, it’s free, and there are lots of bleachers!

Why is it, though, that the crowds are at all the hockey games? Where were the cheerleaders; not at the gym on Friday or Saturday (they were at an ordinary hockey game Friday night!).

Thanks to all the fans and to Times reporter, Jen, who did come out and support the girls and saw some exciting basketball.


Maureen Thomson

Proud parent and

faithful supporter

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