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Customs caper

In November, 1989, the Berlin Wall started coming down and the fall of the wall is now part of history. With the fall of the wall, a famous border crossing—known as “Checkpoint Charlie”—was dismantled.

Many of the items connected to “Checkpoint Charlie” ended up in museum, however, it is rumoured that in 1990, the Revenue Department of Canada purchased the concrete barricades, holding cells, interrogation rooms, and vehicle compounds of this famous border crossing and are going to reassemble it in Fort Frances.

It will be renamed Canada Customs.

Whether or not there is any truth in this rumour remains to be seen.

Concrete barricades, and vehicle compounds along with the existing blocks of barbed wire-topped industrial fences and congested traffic: is this image the citizens and businesses of Fort Frances want portrayed to the millions of visitors that use this border crossing to enter Canada.

One would hope not.

On Dec. 11 at 7 p.m. in the council chambers of the Fort Frances Civic Centre, the powers that be will be allowing the citizens of Fort Frances to voice their opposition to this atrocious plan, which along with the increased bridge toll, will do nothing but deter visitors from using this border crossing.

You are being allowed a choice—the wait-and-see and/or do not care choice or let your voice be heard and counted for the future of this area.

Sign me appalled at what is about to happen.


Ron MacGregor

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