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CWL holds annual convention


During the week of June 2-9, the Thunder Bay Diocese of the Catholic Women’s League will mark the completion of six fruitful years of the “Raise Values Above Violence Campaign.”

The mission originally was created to emphasize the need to re-establish values in society in an effort to reduce violence.

“The Fort Frances branch of the CWL worked actively, both politically and by the use of promotion, to spread the message of ‘Raise Values Above Violence,’” said CWL member Josie Schill.

“We are very proud of this program, and we believe that it has a very strong message that we are hoping we managed to get across,” she added.

Recently appointed president of the Thunder Bay Diocesan CWL, Schill is hoping the organization’s latest project will reach people in the same way as the “Raise Values Above Violence” campaign did.

“On May 4, the Thunder Bay Diocesan Council of the CWL held their annual convention,” Schill noted. “During the event, we discussed our campaign and also dedicated a ‘Bench of Dreams’ at Marina Park.”

The idea of a bench where people would be able to sit in peace and dream about a world free from violence was created by Dr. Robert Muller, chancellor of the University of Peace.

“Dr. Muller [had a vision] of peace parks with ‘Bench of Dreams’ where visitors could sit, close their eyes, and formulate a dream of a peaceful world,” Schill said.

“His wish was to build these benches all over the world. No dream is too big.

“I hope that perhaps we may be able to put a ‘Bench of Dreams’ in Lions Park [here],” added Schill. “It would be nice to spread Dr. Muller’s message and build a little place for people to dream.”

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