Saturday, July 4, 2015

Idea for district-wide Olympics floated

Olympic Games tend to bring a nation together with a sense of pride and determination.
That’s exactly what the local government networking group wants to do for this area by floating the idea of a district-wide Olympics.

“What about doing something the brings us together, binds us together,” said Gord Armstrong, the group’s co-ordinator.
“It could take on a cultural aspect, we could have fun together, and learn to really know who each other is,” he reasoned.
“So that’s the whole concept behind it.”
Armstrong said it was an idea presented to the whole group at its meeting in June.
He’s since sent out letters to 20 representatives from across the district to attend an initial meeting next week to further discuss the idea.
“I hope I get at least half of them to come to the meeting so we can talk about what can we do?” Armstrong remarked, adding he envisions including old aboriginal games as part of the competition.
But he stressed it wouldn’t have to be a completely sports-based event.
“Maybe we could get teams together and do a ‘Minute to Win it” kind of thing,” Armstrong suggested.
“Anything that would make camaraderie part of what we are doing.
“It may not work, but we are certainly going to get together and have a good talk about it,” he added.
Armstrong said he’s been thinking of ways for a while now to bring all the district communities and First Nations together.
“How can we get people to get past the idea that we always have to talk about business?” he mused.
“We need to become more united so that’s where I am coming from.”
Armstrong said those involved in the group are committed to working together for the good of the district.
“They want to put the past way back and let’s get going in the future, working together, playing together, and doing all the things that we can do together,” he stressed.

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