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Arpin tops first snocross race


Steve Arpin travelled to Minnesota on Dec. 8-9 for his first snocross race of the year and the 16-year-old Fort Frances native picked up right where he had left off last winter.

Arpin placed first in all four of his events, including the Stock 440 L—Pro X 440, Stock 500 L—Pro X 440, Stock 600—Pro X 600, and Pro Stock—Pro X 440

In his rookie season last winter, Arpin finished 23 out of 26 races and was third overall in the WSA Pro Ice Circuit Junior 440 Fan class. And despite missing three events in the WSA Pro Ice Circuit Sport 500, he wound up fourth.

During an interview by Chaz Rice that was published in Dec. 11 edition of “Snow Week” magazine, Arpin said his goal for this coming season was to always be consistent.

“I want to be out front and win but I also want to be consistent,” he was quoted.

Arpin also said he’s worked hard to improve some of his techniques from last year, noting he is feeling much better as far as conditioning goes.

He stressed his biggest improvement came from listening to others talk about racing.

“My dad [Chuck] has been awesome. You can’t go over your sled too many times before a race,” he said. “Sometimes, I will get right up next to the track and watch all the races to see any advantage I can get.

“I also watch the flagman to see how he is doing the starts so I might be able to get a jump.”

Arpin also had some advice for up-and-comers like himself.

“If you have a goal in your mind, go for it. Try your hardest and put as much time into it as you can,” he stressed. “Don’t be afraid to ask questions because if you don’t, then you’ll never know.

“Nothing in racing is better than the seat time,” he continued. “That’s what my dad has always taught me and I am really starting to realize that it’s true.”

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