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Be prepared in the bush

Dear sir:

There are a lot of people in our area who spend a large amount of time in the bush. A great place to get away. And then there are a lot of people who get lost in the bush—not such a good time to get away.

One simple way to not get lost (unless you really like to) is to buy yourself a compass. They’re cheap, and any sporting goods store has them.

A Silva Compass is really a compass and a protractor. It has been especially-designed to make finding the way easy and quick. But not too many people know how to use them:

1. Set your required bearing or the direction you wish to go by twisting the dial on the compass until bearing figure comes opposite the end of the direction of the travel arrow and over the index line.

2. Hold the compass by the short end close to you, then turn around, without altering our grip on the compass, until the “red” end of the needle points “N” on the dial.

3. Keep the direction arrow pointed at where you are going and the “red” needle pointed north “N” on your compass.

If you decide you want to travel to a place that’s 60° north, your return would be the opposite direction of 240° south.

If anyone would like to learn how to read a compass, call me at Chabot’s Guiding Service. Thank you for the space in your paper.


Jim Chabot

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