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‘Multi-use’ report to be presented at next board meeting


With a new year ahead of it, the Rainy River District School Board started off last night’s regular meeting with an introduction from its new director, Warren Hoshizaki.

“I look forward to working with the board to make the education system better for the students,” he told trustees.

Hoshizaki also brought news of the “multi-use” facility under construction at Westfort here, noting he already had met with the architects to go over the scheduling and costing for the project.

He is preparing a report to be presented to the board at its next meeting Feb. 2.

“We must prepare for the transition between schools, and are looking to form a committee to handle that transition,” he added.

Also last night, new chairman Dennis Brunn outlined the goals he would like to see the board attain in 1999.

“We should try and mold a system that is fair and equitable for all,” he said. “We should develop an administration who will direct that system, and fill those positions with people who meet the board’s standards.

“I’d like to complete the facility study on the schools, to develop a balance budget for 1999/2000, and increase communication and understanding between the board and its partners in education,” he added.

Linda Hill, principal of Sixth Street and Huffman schools here, also presented the board with a pamphlet detailing the means by which JK and SK students would be evaluated during their three-term school year, with approval from the board.

The board also ratified the appointments of Jean Dick (casual spare bus driver), Ray Calder (casual spare bus driver), Tiffany Clifford (classroom assistant at Young Star Group Home), and Shannon LaRocque (special education assistant at Fort Frances High School).

It accepted the retirement of Cecile Davidson, effective March 17, 1999, and the resignation of Hazel Williams, effective Jan. 31, 1999.

Finally, the board approved the following policies for stakeholder consultation:

•statement of board aims;

•conduct of business;

•representative of native students;

•student trustee policy;

•policy development;

•trustees’ benefits;

•announcements/advertisments in schools;

•emergency situations;

•internal exchange of teachers;

•across panel teacher transfer policy;

•smoking; and

•disposal of lands and buildings.

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