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Another viewpoint

Dear sir:

I felt compelled to issue a response to a letter to the editor written last week on the ongoing “hockey school conflict.”

I have to agree with Mr. Mihichuk for wanting the contents of the letter signed by the mayor to be honoured. First of all, this town is only big enough to support one hockey school.

The other party wants to use their name and experience to open up a hockey school. This party had the opportunity to buy the hockey school before Mr. Mihichuk, and did not.

Mr. Mihichuk also approached them in 1997 and 1998 and asked them if they would be interested in sharing their knowledge and experience by instructing in the Borderland Hockey School. He was declined both years.

Mr. Mihichuk has worked very hard for the past four years to run a good hockey school, and is committed to this for future years to come. Can the other party make the same long-term commitment for the youth of this town?

I believe the mayor should not have signed such a letter without the backing of town council. However, I also believe the intent to protect this particular small business was for the good of the community.

Thank you for printing someone else’s point of view.


Grant Rogoza

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