Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Cash calendar winners

Wyatt and Brandelle Hughes (Devlin) and Donna Paterson (Fort Frances) won the $100 up for grabs July 31 and Aug. 1, respectively, in the Rainy River District Mutual Aid Association’s weekly cash calendar draw.
Winning $30 for July 27-Aug. 2 were Rob Smith (Fort Frances), Les Mills (Edmonton), Helen Hughes (Devlin), Edna Vandersteen (Eriksdale, Man.), Krista Bonham (Atikokan), Corey Smith (Fort Frances), and Jacqueline and Al Johnston (Atikokan).

Winning $30 for Aug. 3-9 were Shelly and Len VanUden (Fort Frances), Railee Jodoin (Pinewood), Matthew McQuaker (Stratton), Judy Mudge (Fort Frances), Ashley Barker (Devlin), Melvin Morken (Fort Frances), and Oscar and Carol Burnell (Emo).

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