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‘Tele-tree’ starting

Dear editor:

Have you ever experienced writing or phoning a government department and not getting a satisfactory response. We hope to change that.

By co-ordinating our efforts, and a few thousand people calling over the phone about the same subject at the same time, leaves an impression that can’t be ignored.

This problem can be solved by setting up a “tele-tree” system.

The idea works like this. The organizer phones a few people, who in turn phone a few more, and they, in turn, phone a few more until every one that’s interested is included. This way, everyone is notified and no one has too much to do.

The organizer will let you know who to call and the reason for the calling. These calls are all toll-free.

The Coalition of Seniors wishes to establish a “tele-tree” in this area. We are asking everyone to take part who is interested in improving the welfare of us all. One need not be a senior to take part, just have an interest and the time to phone.

Mr. Editor, I hope that you can give us space to announce a meeting that could affect most persons in this area. It will be held Friday, Feb. 19 at 1:30 p.m. at the Fort France Volunteer Bureau (in the old CN station).

The purpose of this meeting is to set up a “tele-tree.” That is a system to bring attention to major issues both local, provincial, or federal.

For more information, call me at 487-2663 or Aage Rude at 274-5594.

Yours truly,

Hugh C. Masson

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