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Behind the scenes at Camelot


Producing a musical doesn’t just depend on the actors and actresses who are seen on stage. It also takes many people “behind the scenes” to put everything together.

Several departments of the high school, including art, technology, music, and special ed., are involved in the production of the upcoming musical, “Camelot.”

Many art students, along with teacher Anna Pierroz, help with the painting, drawing, and creation of props and scenery.

“We’re going to have a larger set than last year,” said director Val Martindale, noting an inside and outside image of a castle will be constructed.

One of the major props is a huge tree which will remain on stage throughout the production. And it will “change” according to the mood of each scene.

For instance, during the song entitled “The Lusty Month of May,” the tree will be blooming. But when the scene takes place in the enchanted forest, it will be dark and eerie.

The special ed. department, with the help of many volunteer mothers, sew and stitch all of the costumes.

“The costumes are going to be bright,” said Martindale. “Each knight will have their own colours, which will also be on their shields.”

The costumes will be made as simple and plain as possible while still portraying a medieval look. The ladies will wear long gowns and the knights have dual-coloured tunics which hang to their knees.

Characters such as Morgan Le Faye and Mordred will be dressed dark and mysterious because of their evil roles.

The technology department, as well as co-musical director Chris Denby, help with technological aspect of the production. Lighting and sound are very important for the success of a musical—the music must be heard, along with the dialogue and singing.

Denby also works with John Dutton to assist with the preparation of the music that is played. Sometimes music is needed to be added to the score or altered for certain purposes.

Martindale, Dutton, and Denby, along with dance director Sherree Martin, also must be commended for their hard work and dedication.

They take the hard work of many and pull it all together in order to make the production a success.

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