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Easy targets

Dear sir:

Premier Mike Harris, as all bullies do, picks upon the weakest members of society—those who he knows can’t publicly retaliate.

In this instance it is teenagers, as a group. Never mind that 98 percent are reliable, honest members of society. Badmouth them all.

Of course, welfare recipients are an easy target for a bully. Paint them all as a bunch of useless, lazy layabouts. Overlook or conceal the fact that a majority of welfare recipients are mentally and physically challenged, and many have no marketable skills.

Take away nutrition allowances for pregnant women—they all drink and smoke. Badmouth and verbally abuse them all!

Harris is obviously quite comfortable and at ease badmouthing and bullying the weaker members of society. By using this bullying tactic, he is attempting to distract the public’s attention from the horrific screw-up in municipal taxes, education, and health care.

NDP leader Howard Hampton has challenged Harris to a public debate on health care problems and possible solutions. As usual, a bully, when confronted by someone who can and will fight back, has run for cover.

Mr. Harris does not have the backbone to face Howard Hampton.

Shame on you Mike Harris.


Owen F. Lindsay

Atikokan, Ont.

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