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Newborn makes surprise arrival


Erin Deschamps now knows the real meaning behind fast “home delivery” after giving birth to a 6 lb., 9 oz. baby girl on the bathroom floor of her Fifth Street West home last Thursday morning.

Not only was she all alone at the time, it was a breech birth.

Deschamps had begun having labour pains around 7:15 a.m. so her husband, Ryan, took their two-year-old son, Matthew, to grandma’s house.

But by the time he returned home about 30 minutes later to take his wife to the hospital, Morgan Rae already had been born.

“I was just pacing back and forth and then had to ‘pee,’” chuckled Deschamps yesterday afternoon. “I went into the bathroom and my water broke.”

Deschamps said the baby came so quick she was still standing up. And the umbilical cord also was wrapped around the baby’s neck but she quickly removed it.

“I was scared but I didn’t have time to think too much,” she remarked. “I just grabbed her, wrapped her in a towel, ran to the phone, and called 911,” she said, noting her husband’s face was pretty white when he returned home and realized what had happened.

Deschamps and her new daughter spent just one night at La Verendrye hospital before being released. Both are both doing fine.

“[Erin] is a very strong young lady,” her mother-in-law, Judy Deschamps, said. “She let nature takes its course and did just fine.”

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