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Deeply offended

Dear sir:

This is in response to your column, “The plot thickens,” in last week’s Times. I believe this article to be a direct attack on my father, Glenn Witherspoon.

Mr. Behan, with your “plot twists,” you make unfair accusations about my father’s character and integrity. The inside story is this—in my lifetime, I have seen my father act in the best interest of his community.

He has given his time, especially the last 10 years, to a town he cares for and respects. He continues to represent your town with the best of his judgment and the people’s best interests at heart. My father is a man of integrity and honour.

Mr. Behan, your accusations make for poor journalism, and I am deeply offended by your attacks on a man who does everything for the benefit of your town.


J.J. Witherspoon

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