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New people needed

Dear sir:

This is an urgent letter to the people of Fort Frances who care about the safety of our children, elderly, and anyone in need of a safe place to go when they need help.

I am talking about “Block Parents” in our community.

I started this program in March, 1989 when I moved to Fort Frances and saw a need for the program. It has been an excellent program—we have educated our children in the schools about these “safe strangers” called Block Parents and I believe we have made a difference in the safety of our community.

But there absolutely must be new people to come forth and volunteer for the chairman/vice-chairman and hopefully for the treasurer’s positions of this worthwhile program or it will fold by April 20!

I have tried hard over the past four-five years to get someone else to take over and each time, when no one came forward, I stayed on as chairperson. But after 10 years, I cannot continue. We need new people now to save our program.

We have been designated a “Safe Community”—quite an honour—so I am praying that someone out there will read this letter and decide to help out now.

If no one comes forward, all the street signs at the road entrances to town, in front of all our schools, and in our homes will have been removed, and this would be so sad—not to mention how the safety of our children could be affected!

So please, people of Fort Frances, show you care and call me today at 274-0098 if you are willing to help save this valuable program!

I will leave it in God’s hands to find my replacement. This is the last time to save Block Parents—act now please.


Cathie Sinnighe

P.S. Anyone out there who has applied to be a Block Parent and has not gotten your sign yet, I apologize.

There are several areas of signs that I thought were delivered months ago but they ended up in my mailbox when the gal in charge left town without any notice or correspondence to me.

Thank you.

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