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Finding roots

My name is Ronald Mattson. I was born in the Fort on March 28 1930. My family split up when I was a infant. My mother never told me anything about my father.

Too make a long story short I went to the Fort after serving in Korea to look him up. I discovered that he had committed suicide. I am now doing genealogy of family roots. I have all kinds of info on mother but zilch on father.

Is it possible to get his obit from the paper? He committed suicide in June of 1950 or 51. He is buried in the old cemetery by the river.

I had tried to get the e-mail address for the police department but could not find ut. This is important as I can trace info from National Registration Act with a copy of obituary.

I am close to death myself having had a major heart attack. My heart stopped and they had to use a defillibrator to get it going again. I was in a coma for 4 days. I relate this not for sympathy but to show that I have not much time left to finish genealogy.

Emil Mattson was born in Finland. The year is unknown though I suspect it was the late 1880 or 1890s. He resided in east end on either Third or Fifth Street. I am not sure which.

Can you please help? If I can not get a copy of the newspaper, do you know of e-mail address for the police?

If you get any more information, please call me at 613-345-1999. Thank You.

Ron Mattson

26 Bennett St,

Brockville, ON K6V 2V6

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