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Grade three, six testing to start soon


Grade six students attending public schools soon will have to go through testing mandated by the Ministry of Education and Training to gauge their progress within the system.

“Students will be tested in reading, writing, and arithmetic over a five-day period,” Sylvia Parker, Education Quality Accountability officer, said yesterday.

Tests will begin May 10 and run through May 28, varying from school to school according to any special events that might be planned.

The student will be tested for a two-and-a-half-hour period daily, Parker noted, with breaks given for special classes such as physical education and music.

“The tests are for accountability—it’s there for teachers to improve programs,” she said. “Also, the school board will be able to what areas, in general, students need improvement in.”

The testing will be in the form of long answer, short answer, and multiple-choice questions.

Immediately after testing starts, parents should expect to see a questionnaire come home with their child, requesting information and opinions about the child’s school and education.

Tests will be marked in July, with the local school board seeing the results by October. Parents will receive a report on their individual child’s results shortly afterwards.

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