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Hitting the nail on the head

Dear sir:

The “Great Dream” for our polticians begins.

Anyone running for public office has honest ideas and intentions to do the best job for their constituents if elected. They are all getting “carried away” during the campaign with promises they are unable to keep, regardless which party is being elected.

The candidates will never touch an issue during the campaign which is unpopular with their party boss because once elected, they have to vote along party lines.

The independent candidate in our riding, Richard Bruyere, who has no

party boss, has “hit the nail on the head” by saying he is disillusioned

with our system of partisan politics. As long as our system is not being

modified, for example a free vote in the legislature for all members on

all issues, what difference does it make which party is in power? The will of the voters is never honestly represented.

Have you ever heard from a party candidate that he/she is concerned about this fact? Of course not, they are all waiting to have this feeling of “absolute power” during their political career.

Up to the time the former Peterson government made changes to the OHIP legislation, we enjoyed the best health care system anyone can wish for. We all paid a premium into the OHIP fund and had medical coverage anywhere in the world.

The Rae government had its crack at OHIP and hacked off another piece. Then came the Harris government and during their last election campaign, promised a change . . . so they just reversed Rae’s legislation.

Although it might be too difficult to go back to the original way of

collecting a premium, thousands of seniors and other travellers would

like to see that OHIP collects the funds they are now paying to many

private insurance companies. This would give OHIP the funds to cover all of its citizens while they are out of the country and not only the

younger and healthier people.

Not to forget that OHIP is involved in every claim, paying $400 per day per patient to the private companies without collecting any funds. OHIP has done it before and can do it again.

Any support from any of our candidates?


Udo Romstedt

Kenora, Ont.

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