Sunday, August 2, 2015

Winter highways pressed

Local MPP Sarah Campbell this week pressed the provincial government to immediately strike an all-party committee to evaluate the root causes of the poor winter road maintenance experienced across the north last year.
She also wants it to develop a comprehensive solution to guarantee history doesn’t repeat itself this winter.

Her comments were prompted by an earlier exchange between two Liberal MPPs concerning winter highway maintenance and all they claimed was being done by the government to improve safety on Ontario highways.
“This is a very important issue to the people of my riding where, last winter, the conditions were so bad that we had a number of motor vehicle collisions, including a 14-transport pile-up,” Campbell said.
She also cited treacherous roads, what seemed to be a record number of highway closures, and some highways that were virtually impassable until the snow melted.
“On many occasions, the region came to a standstill,” Campbell noted.
“These people don’t want to hear the compliments and accolades exchanged in question period yesterday, or a regurgitation of the ineffective assurances they heard last winter,” she stressed.
Campbell said while northerners are accustomed to the reasonable delays and an increase in the number of driving hazards during the winter months, last year’s driving conditions were unreasonably dangerous.
She noted delays often lasted several days after a winter storm.

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