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Think before you vote

Dear sir:

Listening to the debate in this provincial election about the rights of hunters and gun owners, I was shocked to hear Frank Miclash speak about his opposition to Bill C-68 of the rights of responsible gun owners.

As an opponent of Bill C-68, I remember very well the period when the bill was debated in the Ontario legislature. When I looked at the Hansard to see who was speaking up for gun owners, I was shocked to see the Frank Miclash wasn’t even in attendance. I am deeply offended that Frank Miclash couldn’t even show up to speak for us.

I know that Dalton McGuinty’s party-line is to support Bill C-68 but Mr. Miclash has a duty to speak for the concerns of his constituents. Speaking up after the debate is over is a cowardly way to avoid the choice between his constituents and his leader.

This is not good representation. It makes a mockery of Mr. Miclash’s claims that he is an opponent of C-68 and a strong advocate for the interests of gun owners. Mr. Miclash should be ashamed. We deserve some courage and conviction from our representatives.

Remember the NDP promises. The big promise—government automobile insurance. It didn’t happen.

So what choices do we have here. The NDP doesn’t keep their promises. The Liberals don’t represent their constituents on important issues.

A year before the last election, Mike Harris told us what he was going to do and he did it. Four years ago after 10 years of NDP and Liberal leadership, the province of Ontario had the lowest economical rating in the country. People were leaving the province in droves.

After just four years of Conservative leadership, the state of the economy has moved Ontario into first place in the country.

When you go to the polls to vote for Ontario leadership on June 3, remember the candidate whose party does not fulfil promises, and remember the party whose candidate does not have the courage to represent his constituents. Then look at the Conservative government’s track record under the leadership of Mike Harris.

Mike has had the courage to make difficult and unpopular decisions to bring Ontario back as the best province to live in. People are moving, back here. Let’s keep Ontario growing and prospering.

When you go to the polls—think!!


Gary Judson

Emo, Ont.

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