Monday, July 27, 2015

Lightning hits CF-18

WHITECOURT, Alta.—Officials with the Royal Canadian Air Force said technicians are investigating after a pilot was forced to land his CF-18 yesterday when it was hit by lightning.
The plane was being flown from High River in southern Alberta to an air show in Whitecourt, Alta.

Capt. Adam Runge, the pilot, said he was about 10 minutes away from his northern destination when the fighter jet was hit.
He said the electronics on the plane started flashing and he felt a tingling through his body.
“Just a quick flash of light,” noted Runge. “You could see the bolt coming towards the aircraft and a bit of static electricity hitting the aircraft.
“I could feel that run through my body really quickly, and also a bit of a crackle over the radio,” he added.
Firefighters and emergency crews rushed to the airport as a precaution, and greeted the jet when it landed.
Runge was not injured and the plane had no visible damage.
“It is not uncommon to have lightning strikes but it’s not a regular event,” he remarked.
“The aircraft are capable of dealing with it.”
The aircraft still is expected to fly in the air show this weekend.

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