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Undeserved treatment

Dear editor:

We would like to take a moment to inform all the daughters and sons who might have elderly parents in any of the senior citizen apartments.

Although they may all seem to have the qualities you are looking for, make sure you keep checking on things that are going on.

Pay special attention to how the financial transactions are being done. Make sure all records are kept where you have access to them.

Our parents, whom have both passed away, had a very unpleasant stay at the apartment complex they chose to live at. There were many incidents that we would have to call harassment by the caretaker of this building.

Our parents were very good and caring people that didn’t deserve to have their final months like this. They were afraid to leave their apartment for fear they may be confronted by this caretaker. This is not the way these places should work.

We did bring this up with the owners of the complex after our parents were gone. It took two letters and a phone call to finally get a reply which, in our opinion, was not a satisfactory one. We were told our complaint was the only one ever received but we find that hard to believe since we knew from talking to other tenants that there had been others.

Our elderly need love and compassion and understanding, not such rigid rules and harassment that they are afraid to leave their apartment. We would have never let our parents live in this place had we known the consequences.

They didn’t deserve their final months to be this way.


Joanne Cottam, Janet Atwater, and Claudia Schmidt

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