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Too much stress

Dear sir:

Concerning the recent testing of students by the Ministry of Education and Training, which lasted three hours per day for five days, for statistical purposes.

These tests were done to rate our teachers’ curriculum and therefore put pressure on them. In turn, this put pressure on the students to “do well.”

Although the grade sixes found it demanding, they completed what was required. Our Grade threes didn’t fare as well. My son became depressed and angry at his situation. As each day progressed, he became convinced he would fail his grade.

The testing itself was so long and demanding, and over so many days, that his self-esteem was threatened. So much stress was put on little minds.

There may be a need to test our children but what it puts our kids through wasn’t worth it. This ministry needs to know the hardships our kids experienced at home as a result of these five days.

If your child was affected in any way because of this testing, I ask that you write the Education, Quality and Accountability Office, 2 Carlton St., Suite 1200, Toronto, Ont., M5B 2M9 and let them know.

I certainly will. Thank you.


Kathleen Foy

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