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Fishing trip nets valuable lessons for youngsters


When Tyler Cannon, 10, went fishing with his best pal, Alex Shoemaker, nine, on their first “Kids for Fishing” trip Saturday, he did what any young angler would do for a pal and lent him a piece of tackle.

While Cannon caught his own small perch, little did he know his generosity would land his friend a five-pound northern.

“I learned not to give spinners to my friend because that’s what he caught [the fish] on,” Cannon said yesterday afternoon while playing at Shoemaker’s house in Alberton.

“Yep, I caught a big pike,” enthused Shoemaker. “My dad filleted it up and we had it for supper.”

Donna Cannon said the fishing trip was one of the best ever for her son.

“He loved it. The [boys] had the time of their lives and they were just beaming from ear to ear when I went to pick them up,” she remarked.

The ninth-annual “Kids for Fishing,” sponsored by the Fort Frances Sportsmen’s Club, saw 25 youngsters aged eight to 15 take part in the day-long trip on Rainy Lake.

Eight people had volunteered their boats, along with one pontoon boat donated by Pinewood Sports and Marine.

“Three kids took home northern pike,” organizer Catherine McGuire noted yesterday. “Most kids released [their fish] because the rules say the fish have to be so big.”

Craig Everatt, nine, also learned something new while on the “Kids for Fishing” trip and applying it landed him a reward.

“I learned a new trick. Hang your lure off the edge of the boat while trolling and let out lots of line—that’s how I caught my fish,” said Everatt, who landed a 30-inch northern.

“It was really fun and it’s something to do in the summer,” noted Leanne Matus, 13, who’s taken part in the “Kids for Fishing” for four years running.

“And I caught a three-pound pike,” she added.

While there hasn’t been a limit on registrations in past years, McGuire said they might have to put a cap next year due to the increasingly high number of kids who sign up at the same time volunteers are harder to find.

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