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‘See Spot Run’ around the world


There was an overwhelming sense of deja-vu as I stepped into the Rainy Lake Hotel’s dining room to meet with the members of “See Spot Run” last Tuesday before their concert in the lounge.

Visually, the band hasn’t changed much since the first time I interviewed them in the fall of 1997.

Between drummer Bruce McQueen, guitarists Randy Bowen and Reggie Bennet, and lead singer Chris Brodbeck, they sported the same haircuts, wore the same kind of T-shirts, and exuded the same kind of laid back attitude as before.

Heck, they were even sitting at the same table as last time, in the same chairs, under the mural depicting Fort Frances at the turn of the century.

The only thing different about the group was the level of success they’ve achieved. Their current single “Weightless,” the title track of their new album, recently hit the top 10 on the charts, rating at number nine.

It’s the first time since the new BDS counting system was introduced that an independent group has cracked the top 10 in Canada. And it probably won’t be the last.

“We feel we’re just at the starting line,” Bowen said, noting their recent hit is spurring the band to go farther.

And it looks like they’ll be getting the chance to do that. Universal, a major label, is carrying their record in the States, as well as promoting the band worldwide.

“We’ve already had some interest from Australia, the States, and Europe because the song hit the top 10,” Brodbeck said. “And with the Internet, we’re already getting American fans.

“Once you got a dot deal [web site], you really open up to the global market,” he added.

“The major labels [have] got so much pull in the music industry while small labels have to work harder,” Bennett said. “Our label [Loggerhead Records] has done well for us but having Universal is a big help.”

Brodbeck said after their current Canadian tour with label mates “A is A,” the band plans to give the Trans-Canada a rest for a while and discover the rest of the world.

Their goal? World domination—in the musical sense, anyway.

“We want to have dolls of ourselves, action figures,” McQueen said, his eyes gleaming. And let’s not forget the other merchandising deals, such as gum, collector cards, key chains.

Frankly, anything the Spice Girls have, “See Spot Run” wants.

After all, Brodbeck noted, this has been the band’s goal from day one. They’re just a little closer to it now.

“We’re still the same people,” he noted. “We still wear the same T-shirts.”

“We’re just happier now,” added McQueen.

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