Saturday, August 1, 2015

Sandbags to remain in place awhile longer

The Town of Fort Frances is suggesting that homeowners with protective measures in place to battle recent high waters should not remove them just yet.
Operations and Facilities manager Doug Brown told the local Emergency Management Control Group this morning that some residents along Idylwild Drive are anxious to clear the sandbags off their property.

“We’re going to have to do something to help people get rid of the sandbags,” he noted. “But do you think it’s too early to be doing that?”
While there is manageable rain in the forecast, MNR representatives indicated the anticipated precipitation is from thunderstorm cells, which are unpredictable.
“Personally, I think we should wait for another week,” expressed Fort Frances Fire Chief Frank Sheppard, citing that while water levels have been dropping, the weather can change quickly and put them right back in the same situation they were in last month.
Brown indicated since last week, Rainy Lake dropped about six inches, but the levels are still outside of the rule curve.
The group decided it would be best to wait at least another week to make a decision on sandbag removal.
However, a tentative plan would see a town truck being placed near La Place Rendez-Vous for homeowners to discard the sandbags, which will then be taken to the landfill where it can be used as cover material.
“I think we just need to wait a little bit longer,” Brown added.

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