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Store to double in size


Northwoods Gallery & Gifts here is looking to get a lot bigger in the near future and the expansion has owner Connie Cuthbertson smiling proudly.

“It’s like we’re having a new baby,” enthused Cuthbertson, who started up the store last year with her husband, Doug.

Effectively doubling the size of the current venue at 273 Scott St., Cuthbertson stressed they will be keeping the same decor.

“We’re going to have the pine flooring, etc. The whole look of the store will carry on into the expansion,” she noted. “It’ll have the same ambiance as Northwoods does now—the log cabin decor.”

Renovations to the adjoining floor space, previously occupied by Master Media, started two weeks ago after the Cuthbertsons acquired it July 15.

The work should be finished by the end of September.

Not only will the renovation result in a more space to showcase the store’s range of original paintings, limited edition prints, candles, and other knick-knacks, it will mean a change to the store as it now stands.

“We’ll have a 12-foot opening into the new space. You’ll be able to make a circular walk through the place,” noted Cuthbertson.

One fresh line of merchandise the expanded store will feature is log furniture made by Cuthbertson’s father, Harlan Faragher.

“He’s been working with wood for quite some time, and now he’s into making bedroom furniture, dinner tables, coffee tables, anything—it looks great,” she remarked.

But Cuthbertson also said she’s left her ear open to regular customers.

“We’ve received several requests and we’ve learned to listen to the customers,” she remarked. “Bringing in new items adds a kind of a personal touch to things.”

But Cuthbertson isn’t ready to say just what just yet. “We want to keep things a surprise,” she smiled.

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