Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Seminar to focus on next bear market

The financial markets are peaking again at all-time highs the same as they did in 2000 and 2007.
And according to registered investment advisor Craig Brockie, investors need to take cover from the incoming storm.

As he did in late 2007, Brockie said he has a strong purpose to help as many people as possible avoid losing money in the next bear market.
Brockie, the son of Ted and Ruth Brockie of Fort Frances who now lives in Beverly Hills, will be holding a one-hour seminar this Monday (July 21) at 7 p.m. at La Place Rendez-Vous.
He will explain how to prepare for the next bear market, which appears to be just beginning now.
Brockie said this is a serious issue and needs to be properly explained to people in simple terms so they can take proper action to protect their life savings.
In recent years, Brockie said he’s been alerting people to “major turning points” in the financial markets, but wants to keep reaching out to as many people as he can.
“Frankly, I saw a lot of good people lose a lot of money in 2008, unnecessarily,” he remarked.
Brockie said he tried to warn as many people as he could back then, and in fact reached more than 100,000 viewers on YouTube.
But he felt he has to do more, especially in his hometown.
“I feel like I want people [here] to avoid the damage that they experienced the last time around,” Brockie noted.
Brockie said his talk applies to anyone who has got retirement savings, or money in mutual funds, stocks, or bonds, or even investment real estate.
He acknowledged the financial markets “may not seem dangerous right now,” but they never do when the market is peaking.
“In early 2000, everything was euphoric and people thought nothing could go wrong,” Brockie recalled.
“Again in 2007, people thought there’s no problems, everything’s fine.
“Even now, people have this delusion,” he said. “It’s been several years since the last crisis so, therefore, things are better now and we don’t have to worry about it.
“But it’s actually at these specific points when it’s most dangerous because at the highest points in the stock market, that’s when it’s got the furthest to fall,” Brockie warned.
“The other thing is there’s been some significant, obvious moves lately that indicate the bear market, the new down market, has begun or is just about to begin,” he added.
Limited tickets, which cost $10, are available at Brockie’s Jewellers and online at CraigBrockie.com

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