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Cry for help

To Whom if may concern:

On Sept. 20, 1999, while shopping in downtown Fort Frances, I had the unfortunate accident of losing my wallet.

This occurred while I was leaving the Saan store and crossing the street to my car, which was parked in front of the Royal Bank. In my arms I had my shopping bags, my infant daughter in a car seat and I was also holding my 3 year old’s hand. Obviously I had my hands full.

My wallet must have fallen and I didn’t hear it or feel it because of everything else I was doing.

I know that there were numerous people in front of me and behind, while I was leaving the store, who may have seen my wallet fall, or picked it up.

I returned within 5 minutes of losing my wallet and it was nowhere to be found. I am begging the person who found it to please return it to me.

I am not worried about the cash but rather the irreplaceable family photos and personal items that were contained in the wallet.

You can even keep the wallet itself, just please return the personal contents, no questions asked.

I’d be very grateful. Phone or mail to Site 109-14, RR#1, Fort Frances. P9A 3M2.

Thank You,

Tracy Wright,


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