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‘Y2K’ compliance on track: Allan


As the Year 2000 draws ever closer, Fort Frances looks to be in good shape for being “Y2K” compliant, Darryl Allan told town council during its regular meeting Monday night.

Allan, who sits on the ‘Y2K’ Community Preparedness Committee, said a large-scale test of electrical power systems conducted Sept. 8-9 by the North American Electrical Reliability Council seemed to go off without any problems although the full evaluation is still underway.

“The date was deliberately chosen because Sept. 9, 1999 is often coded as 9999, which some programs and equipment read as an end code,” Allan explained.

“This was a test of contingency plans and was considered a full dress rehearsal for Dec. 31,” he noted.

In the meantime, work continues on the conversion of the town’s municipal accounting software. Although the software supplier, Aztek, which has been doing the conversion, recently was sold to another company, Allan said it shouldn’t affect things too much.

“I expect soon we will be in a position to be giving consideration to some human resource issues for the evening of Dec. 31, 1999,” he noted.

“There is a misperception that anything that is going to happen will happen at the stroke of midnight,” he added. “In actual fact, if unexpected problems start happening, we will start to become aware of this by early morning as the new millennium starts at the International Date Line in the mid-Pacific.

“Should large-scale problems begin to show up in North America, we will start to be aware of this at about 8 p.m. as the time zone starts rolling our way,” he continued.

Allan said a string of additional dates after Jan. 1 also could pose problems, such as Jan. 10 (the first eight-digit date in 2000) or Feb. 29 (the first leap year day).

But as things stand right now, he said the town is in good shape.

Also at Monday night’s council meeting:

•a bill of $1,800 plus taxes was authorized to obtain CSA approval on four traffic light controllers;

•Cindy Yuill was designated to be the Fort Frances rep at the first-annual cemetery conference Oct. 1 in Kenora;

•the tendering process for buying a new loader mounted sweeper for the airport was waived by council since only one company presently makes an approved model;

•council purchased the services of Cooper Appraisals for an insurance appraisal of $11,400;

•a contribution of $255.42 was sent to the Association of Municipalities of Ontario in support of its model natural gas franchise agreement;

•Aerocan Aviation Specialists Inc. was brought in as a consultant in regards to the airport operational “request for proposal” at a cost of $3,300;

•a grade of 1’10” above street level was approved for the Peterbilt/Thunder Bay Truck Centre building site on McIrvine Road;

•Oct. 1-7 was declared Community Parks Week;

•Oct. 8-16 was declared Canadian Agriculture and Food Celebration Week;

•the town agreed to observe two minutes of silence this Remembrance Day as requested by the local Royal Canadian Legion; and

•a request for support for a New Year’s Eve fireworks display from the Fort Frances Rotary Club was referred to the Administration and Finance committee as well as the Community Services committee.

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