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‘Drug Awareness Week’ staged at Fort High


The district Substance Abuse Prevention team paired up with the local chapter of Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving last week to bring Drug Awareness Week to Fort Frances High School.

Activities began last Monday with the “Day of the Dead.” Every 27 minutes, the Grim Reaper would take a student out of class, who then had to wear a sign that said they were dead or injured for the rest of the day.

Wednesday was “Fatal Vision Day,” where students had to run an obstacle course while wearing the so-called Fatal Vision goggles, which simulate a blood-alcohol level of 0.17—twice the legal limit.

There also were different ones to simulate day and night.

The obstacle course included weaving through pylons, stacking four items, and tossing a ball to a partner who also was wearing the goggles. The partner then had to run back through the course.

The week wrapped up end Friday when OSAID staged a mock accident outside the school, complete with assistance of the OPP, fire department, and ambulance service.

Jason Godin, who played the intoxicated driver of the car, had his “injuries” attended by paramedics before being hauled away in a police cruiser with its sirens blaring.

Meanwhile, the fire department “rescued” three victims who were still trapped inside the car using the “Jaws of Life.” Unfortunately, one passenger was tossed from the vehicle and “died.”

Most of the work involved in putting on Drug Awareness Week was done by OSAID members, who got their ideas from a Canadian Youth Against Impaired Driving conference some of them had attended earlier this year.

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