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Spirit forgotten

Dear editor:

On Nov. 11, as is our custom, my sons accompanied me to Barwick to take part in the Remembrance Day ceremonies. Imagine our surprise when we were told that the “powers that be” decided that this year there would not be a ceremony in Barwick.

Why? No one could give me a reason but when I think about it, there is really no good reason to give.

I don’t know how many names were on the cenotaph at the memorial in Barwick but even if there was only one name, a Remembrance Day ceremony would be important and appropriate.

So to the veterans who still reside in or near Barwick, may I say our family has not forgotten. We thank you for giving up your youth and putting your lives on the line for our country, Canada. Because of your bravery, sacrifice, and sense of duty, we live in the best country in the world.

To the memory of those young men and boys of Barwick who made the supreme sacrifice, our family has not forgotten and we wear our poppy with a sense of solemn pride.

And finally, to “the powers that be” who, in their great wisdom, deemed an “official ceremony” at Barwick was unnecessary, you seemed to have forgotten yourself the whole spirit of Remembrance Day.

Barwick may be small but the sacrifice of its young men still counts, “Lest we forget.”


Crystal Rathwell

Stratton, Ont.

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