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Slow down!

To the editor:

We are writing in regards to a problem that is caused by vehicles travelling too fast on the River Road.

We live on the corner of Bone Road and River Road in Alberton Township, and we have resided in our home for more than eight years. In that period of time, we have had seven family pets killed on the side of the road. Two other pets were hit by cars but survived their injuries.

These pets appear to be hit by vehicles that are travelling at very excessive speeds and obviously cannot slow down in time to avoid hitting our pets.

The pets are always found on the shoulder of the road, which suggests the vehicles are either driving very close to the shoulder or driving with total disregard for these animals. The portion of the River Road adjacent to our home is a straight stretch, with good visibility.

Yesterday morning, another one of our pets was found dead on the shoulder of the road. This little cat had been hit by a car and I only hope it did not suffer a painful death.

It is quite distressing for our family as these pets mean a lot to us. They are always found very close to our home, just off the driveway or on the shoulder adjacent to our home. Only once did a person stop at our home to tell our family that they had hit one of our pets. This person was extremely upset about it and our family appreciated being told so we could dispose of our pet in a humane fashion.

Of greater and more significant concern to me is that one of our children stands on the side of the road to catch the bus every morning. I have observed vehicles travelling by at extremely high speeds, well in excess of the 80 km/h that is the posted speed.

Fortunately, no mishap has occurred involving our children and I expect that drivers are more vigilant when they see children standing on the side of the road.

Our family is requesting that motorists on the River Road drive in accordance with the posted speeds and be more careful.

Yours truly,

Barbara Morgan

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