Tuesday, August 4, 2015

‘Mini- Royalty’ pageant delayed

A couple of setbacks have pushed the annual mini-king and queen contest here to August this year.
Organizer Melissa Gushulak still is looking for a business or individual to sponsor $50 to buy prizes for the participants.

“[We] have one sponsor of $50 so we are just looking for another $50,” she noted.
Gushulak said she could do the contest on a very tight budget, but in the end the participants lose out.
The mini-royalty pageant normally takes place before Canada Day, but Gushulak thought it perhaps could coincide with the Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship, which runs later this month.
But with sponsors still not confirmed, it’s not going to be able to go now until August.
“We’re hoping to make it go no matter what this summer,” Gushulak vowed.
“We’ll just pick a day at the beginning of August and have it at the museum, which is what we had been doing anyway,” she reasoned.
As well, the person who normally donates the materials and makes the banners for the mini-king and queen for free, has a broken sewing machine.
It won’t be fixed until mid-July.
“So I’m kind of going along with when she gets it back,” Gushulak explained.
As in past years, the contest will be open to boys and girls aged four-seven.
Each child is asked a few questions, with judges the picking the winners.
Gushulak said she’s had a few people wanting to sign up their kids, but she won’t be taking any registrations until a date is set.
Meanwhile, anyone interested in sponsoring the mini-pageant can call Gushulak at 275-8526.

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