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Fireworks display to be moved


Due to the high water levels, the July 1 fireworks display will be launched from the grounds between the Hallett and Lookout Tower at Pither’s Point this year.

“Normally we do it at the point docks. But we were down there just the other day and the water is just below the dock,” said Charlie Turgeon, former deputy chief of the Fort Frances Fire Department.

“If we get some wind from Sand Bay, it could cause waves and destroy the fireworks,” he added.

As a result, Turgeon and his team will set up the fireworks by Seven Oaks, which is about 150’x200’ in size.

“I want the people to know that all day Sunday that area will be restricted,” noted Turgeon, adding he and his crew will spend some 30 hours preparing for the big moment at dusk (around 10 p.m.)

And he said the display should be a crowd-pleaser this year. “We’ll be firing over the bay there. We’ll be giving the people a good view from the Sorting Gap to the [overpass],” said Turgeon.

He added the pyrotechnics will be “probably better” than last year, which had left some people disappointed.

“Last year was the first year did it electronically, and we learned a few things from that,” noted Turgeon. “So this year may be one of the best we’ve ever had.”

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