Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Beach volleyball league in works

Anybody wanting to “spike” up their summer with a little fun on the beach had best get in touch with the town’s recreation department in short order.
Program director Leana Moffitt is trying to organize a summer beach volleyball league out at Point Park.

The operative word is “trying” as no teams have signed up so far for the first-time venture—despite the fact it has been advertised in the “Recreator” for several months.
“I’m surprised there’s no registrants at all yet,” Moffitt admitted.
“Especially because of the strong and growing volleyball community in Fort Frances between the [Vipers] club teams and the Muskies,” she noted.
The Fort Frances Women’s Volleyball League also has been a popular organization over the years, with 12 teams taking part this past winter.
Registration costs $100 per two-person team, with July 7 being the scheduled start date.
But the registration deadline is Wednesday (July 2), with Moffitt suggesting a minimum of three-four teams would be needed to get the league underway.
“We have to be able to have time to do the scheduling,” Moffitt explained about the deadline.
“When the deadline comes, we’ll see what we get.”
Anyone interested in joining the league can call Moffitt at the Memorial Sports Centre (274-3494).
In related news, organizer Amy Wilson-Hands announced today the sixth-annual Canada Day beach volleyball tournament, scheduled for Point Park, has been cancelled.
She cited a lack of interest and the inclement weather forecast for much of tomorrow.
Only four teams had signed up for the event.

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