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Be kind to each other

Dear sir:

The story of my life as I am, and as will be in the years to come . . . .

In 1973, a child was born into this world as it is. It is very rough back in the world we live in. There are some people in this wild world that don’t understand the different people in this town of Fort Frances.

Just because we look different than others, men or women, it does not make anyone better than them. We are all the same. I don’t really care what they say about people like us. If people would care a little bit more about themselves, we would get along better than we do now.

So I say to the people, “Grow up and act your age, not your shoe size, and be kind to one another.”

It does not matter who you are because we will all be gone some day and we will ask ourselves what happened? It will be too late for us at the end of our lives to go back and try to make it right. It will not help the people of Fort Frances.

Well, that is all I know, that people should be kind to each other no matter. People should be happy with what they have. The things that one would like, but do not have, are all possible and people should not get upset because dreams and good things do happen in life every day. Be happy that you are alive, and have food and a home to come to.

Well, it was great writing people in this life and remember to enjoy your lives while you have them, here and now, and forever . . . .

Thank you,

Denise Parker

Fort Frances

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