Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sandbagging complete here

Sandbagging efforts were completed along the riverfront here yesterday.
Patrick Briere, public information officer for the Town of Fort Frances, noted a stockpile of sandbags has been prepared should the need arise for further sandbagging.

He added the town’s Emergency Control Group will continue to meet on a regular basis to evaluate risk factors that could arise.
“Plans and preventative measures are still being actively discussed by the group to ensure the safety and security of human life, properties, and critical infrastructure,” Briere stressed.
“We believe that the current weather situation in our area has been a positive as there has been very little precipitation over the past few days,” he noted.
“This has assisted in water levels [rising] at a slower pace.”
Briere thanked all the residents that came out to help with the sandbagging to assist in ensuring the community is protected.
He reminded people that although current operations are complete, there continued to be a slight rise in the lake and upper river levels.
The community can call the town’s emergency information line at 274-1818 with any questions or concerns in regards to the flooding emergency.
“There is still a large amount of debris in the lake and also the water level at the CN train bridge is very high, so please continue to use caution when out enjoying the water,” Briere warned.

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