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Healing retreat to be held at Crawford’s Resort


Are you in touch with your higher self?

If not, Nikki Katchur is willing to help you reach it at a “Shamanic Empowerment Through Vision Quest” retreat at Crawford’s Resort in Nestor Falls on July 4-11.

Katchur has studied shamanism for the last 20 years, taking the “wisdoms” from several cultures and religions—from Buddhism to First Nations traditions to Hawaiian Huna Kane (a form of preventive and restorative body massage).

“[The retreat] is about people who want to have more than a vacation,” Katchur said. “To create a vacation environment with programs to help them do personal healing.”

During the eight-day event, Katchur said she’ll try to strike a balance between learning activities and fun ones, such as swimming and other water sports.

“The setting is very casual and comfortable,” she added.

But the main focus of the retreat is healing, she stressed, and how to accomplish what you want in life.

“We all have things we’d like to do in our lives and there are probably more things that are abstract than concrete,” she noted. “A lot of people make decisions out of centres that don’t help them.

“I help them create decisions in their lives based on their principles.”

A typical day at the retreat would include a sunrise ceremony and several talks in a healing circle as a group, not to mention individual attention with Katchur on a one-on-one basis.

Participants also will help create a sweat lodge and build their own personal medicine shield from what they see in their vision quest.

The retreat ends with two ceremonies—one where an arrow representing what they want out of their life is destroyed, and one where a second arrow, which represents what they want in their life, is accepted.

“You’re not doing it any way but your own,” Katchur said, noting every individual creates his or her own ceremony.

“It has a profound shift in people,” she added. “I’ve got success stories coming out of my ears.”

Katchur said the retreat would benefit people whether they had spiritual or physical problems.

“Things just start working a lot easier in their life,” she said.

To find out more about the retreat, call Katchur in Winnipeg (1-204-453-3969) or Crawford’s Resort (484-2183).

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