Thursday, July 30, 2015

Sponsors needed for ‘Mini-Royalty’

The organizer of the annual mini-king and mini-queen contest is looking at holding the event a little later this year.
But whether it happens at all will depend on getting more sponsors.

Organizer Melissa Gushulak said this morning that she’s in the process of contacting past sponsors right now, and is confident at least some of them will come through.
But she also is aware the local economy is not what is used to be, and is estimating right now she’ll need a business or individual to sponsor $50-$75 to buy a boys’ prize and small prizes for those other than the mini-king and queen.
“It’s not a huge cost,” noted Gushulak.
She said she could do the contest on a very tight budget, but in the end the participants would lose out.
Anyone wanting to help sponsor the contest is urged to call Gushulak at 270-4875.
Additionally, it looks like the mini contest, which normally takes place before Canada Day, will have to be rescheduled until later in July—possibly to coincide with the Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship.
Gushulak explained the person who normally donates the materials for, and makes the banners for the mini-king and queen for free, has a broken sewing machine, and it won’t be fixed until mid-July.
But she reasoned the event can wait until then, adding that the bass tournament would be a good time to crown the mini-royalty.
Gushulak added while she always could have someone else make the banners, it not only would be an additional cost but the woman who donates the material and makes them has done it for years and she’d hate to use someone else.
“She’s my go-to girl for the banners,” she stressed.
Gushulak said she also is looking for a volunteers to help her out on the day of the event.
As in past years, the contest will be open to boys and girls aged four-seven.
Each child is asked a few questions, with judges the picking the winners.

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