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Sanctity of marriage

Dear sir:

An anniversary is a good goal for people who find themselves attracted to another person of the opposite sex. It is a positive asset in any relationship, and development of feelings for your girlfriend, and hers for you, could turn out to be a lasting companionship.

Who knows? One day you’ll find the lady of your dreams and you’ll get married.

In modern-day society, it has become the norm for people to get married only to find themselves divorced after a rather short marriage, short being the minimum of 10 years, and that’s actually a brief stint. There’s no doubt there are people who have been married many, many years but very few ever have a 65th anniversary.

The 65th anniversary that I refer to was my great-grandparents, Mr. Edward Wilkins and Mrs. Dorothy Wilkins. When a couple reaches such a tremendous achievement, it is sure that they have stayed together through good times and bad. Working out any problems, for the betterment of their fondness for each other. Successfully raising two wonderful sons, Thomas and Peter, and spending the better portion of 91 years together.

On July 18, 1998, I had the pleasure of attending the 65th wedding anniversary celebrations at the Flinders Place common room. I met many of my great-grandparents’ acquaintances who were very pleasant and there also were the roughly 20-30 relatives from the U.S. and several Northwestern Ontario towns.

A great time was had by all, and nobody even spiked the punch.

After witnessing such an event, it gives a young guy like me the knowledge that people truly can persevere and live together for longer than some live. All the while loving each other, and not bailing out on the sanctity of their marriage vows.


Neil MacKinnon

Dryden, Ont.

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