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Booth letter

Dear editor:

I am 88 years old and my wife is 81. I have looked after my wife, who has severe Alzheimer’s disease, at home for the last nine years with the help of Home Care and occasional respite care in hospital. Two weeks ago my wife and I went into Rainycrest. I am still mentally alert and active but my wife’s disease is now very advanced.

After 10 days, I felt that I had to take her home. I was very disappointed with her care. She is unable to feed herself. She was often in a wet bed as she is both incontinent and unable to get to the bathroom by herself.

I know that the cause of this situation is due to under-staffing caused by government cutbacks.

I feel that it is shameful that elderly people should be treated in this manner in a first-world country and am writing this letter to express my concern as to the way things are going under this government.

Disappointed Citizen,

Martin Booth

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