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Gillis Letter

Dear editor:

The Conservative government’s document, “Lands for Life,” is a proposal that intends to affect vast changes to many of our interests. Almost every outdoor activity we as residents of Northwestern Ontario relish and consider sacred could be affected.

It is our belief this government will destroy a system of resource management that has evolved as a protector of our environment. The present system, under the direction of the Ministry of Natural Resources, has enhanced the opportunities for residents and non-residents alike. Our club believes the proposed new stewardship areas will place restrictions on access to user groups and consequently not enhance opportunities for all.

Forestry provides the major economic base for residents of this area and it has enhanced our opportunities for hunting, fishing, blueberry harvesting, viewing, and other recreational activities. Tourism, on the other hand, tends to target fishing as its main stay and should be promoting the uniqueness of this region of which forestry is a part. Forestry does not restrict fishing and conversely fishing interests (tourist outfitters) should not restrict forestry.

Resource-based tourism does not provide for protection of our fishing resources, and we fail to see how “Lands for Life” will do so either.

We urge you to voice your concerns. Without them, this government will continue to pass legislation that may jeopardize our way of life that we now enjoy. Please write each of the following: Honourable John Snobelen, Minister of Natural Resources, Room 6301, Whitney Block, 99 Wellesely St. West, Toronto, Ont. M7A 1W3 Fax (416)314-2216; Honourable Michael D. Harris, Premier of Ontario, Legislative Building, Queen’s Park, Toronto, Ont. M7A 1A1 Fax (416) 325-7578.

Dan Gillis,


Dryden District Conservation Club

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