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In response

Dear sir:

In response to the letters last week by Mrs. Leonard and Mr. Medicine on why one fish and game law is needed. If they don’t see why, then there is not much use in trying to make them see why.

Simply put, one law is needed for the conservation of our fish and wildlife. Here are a couple of reasons why fish and game laws should be for everyone:

•It would save the killing of our walleye during spawning season; and

•It would keep the killing of our producing cows (moose) and doe deer from being slaughtered during the months they are nursing young or living in deer and moose yards.

My letters are written in terms of conservation only, not in prejudice against any race or people.

I have the copies of the treaties on my desk and have read them over many times. They were written by honourable men on both sides. White people have pretty well followed the treaty rules. Natives have not. When treaties were written, the writers could not envision the equipment we now have for the taking of game and fish.

If our natives followed the treaty, they would be using the equipment that was used when it was written; for example, birch bark canoes, spears, hand-made bows, and original muzzle-loading rifles.

As I have written before, only one set of game and fish laws should be observed by all. Otherwise, our game and fish will be brought to the point of depletion.


Allan Kielczewski

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