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Wrong priorities

Dear editor:

Frank Miclash and the Liberals are the only danger to Kenora-Rainy River’s health care system.

Frank states that he will stop hospital closings in Ontario. This means he then will have to pay to keep half-empty hospitals in Toronto open. And where will this money come from? By stopping work on Rainy River’s brand new hospital? By stopping the expansion on Dryden General Hospital?

Because you see, by closing empty hospitals in Toronto, the Harris Tories have been able to reinvest this money into new facilities in Northern Ontario, where they are badly needed due to years of neglect by previous Liberal and NDP governments.

Of course, Frank could raise your taxes to pay for the empty hospitals—and the other $3 billion (yes, billion) worth of other promises the Liberals have made. Frank had no problems gleefully voting for hundreds of tax increases while he was in office from 1985 to 1995.

Does Frank think that we’ve forgotten the high unemployment and economic recession these policies caused in the early 1990s?

Only Mike Harris and the Tories are committed to cutting your taxes to create jobs, a policy that has resulted in more than 400,000 new jobs being created in Ontario in the past three years. Only Mike Harris is committed to priority health care spending in Northern Ontario. Only Mike Harris is committed to spending a record $150 million on northern highways just this year alone.

Frank Miclash is committed to keeping Toronto hospitals open. He is committed to tax-and-spend policies that kill investment and cause job losses. He is committed to fighting any tax cut that would help middle-class families make ends meet. And he is committed to spending hundreds of millions of dollars implementing Bill C-68.

Frank Miclash is committed to protecting the priorities and values of downtown Toronto. Only Mike Harris will fight for middle-class families here in Kenora-Rainy River.


Craig Nuttall

President, Kenora-R.R.

PC (Ontario) Riding Assoc.

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