Friday, July 31, 2015

SDR season kicks off Saturday

Motorheads who can’t wait until Saturday night to see some four-wheeled racing action at the Emo Speedway can get their fix of the two-wheeled variety elsewhere in Emo that morning.
The new Superior Dirt Riders’ racing season will reach top gear for the first time this year at the Emo Motocross track Saturday starting at 11 a.m.

“Everyone’s anxious to get going,” noted Emo race organizer John Gavel.
“It’s been unfortunate,” he added. “Because of the weather conditions, no one has had a chance to ride a whole lot yet.
“Normally by now, we would have been all practising already for a couple of weeks,” Gavel said.
“That might keep the numbers down for Saturday because some of the guys might be gun shy on coming out if they haven’t really had a chance to practice,” he remarked.
Superior Dirt Riders, which operates under the jurisdiction of Northwestern Ontario Motocross, features 50-75 riders from the local area, as well as Thunder Bay, Ear Falls, Kenora, Dryden, Red Lake, Atikokan, Mine Centre, and International Falls.
The racers are as young as four and as old as 60, and have a selection of 13 different classes in which to compete.
Most opt to ride in two or three categories that range from 50cc to 450cc bikes, as well as big- and small-sized four-wheelers.
Events are held at three different tracks over the summer.
Emo will host this Saturday and again on Aug. 9 while races also will take place in Atikokan and Kakabeka Falls.
For spectators, Gavel said the Emo track tops the others in terms of the racing experience.
“The most appealing feature of our track is you can see pretty much the whole track from anywhere,” he noted.
“At a lot of motocross tracks you go to, you have no idea where your rider is most of the time.
“Also, when you come on-site here, you don’t have to look around for the pit area,” Gavel added.
“You are pretty much in the pits immediately.
“The rides are right there,” he stressed.
Gavel, who competes on the circuit along with his son, Dan, said the Emo track also is a favourite of the racers.
“We keep the track really well-groomed and maintained, and if the soil conditions are right, the riders get great traction out there,” he remarked.
Practice for Saturday’s event will be held Friday from 4-6 p.m.
The Emo track can be reached by turning north on Off Lake Road, then going 4.5 km before turning left on McNally Road and then right on Elliott Road, with the track located at the end of it.
Admission is $10, with free admission for those aged four and under.
For more information, contact Marissa Kinnear at 276-3693 or visit

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