Monday, August 3, 2015

‘Project Petunia’ gets big surge of support

Thanks to the generous support of community members, the Fort Frances Chamber of Commerce will continue with its “Project Petunia” beautification program later this spring.
As of Friday’s deadline, the Chamber’s call for sponsors resulted in 18 local businesses and individuals donating a total of $2,350, which will be used to buy flowers to be placed in the planters and hanging baskets.

“So what we’re going to do now is get a hold of the greenhouses and see what we can get for [the $2,350],” said Chamber manager Annely Armstrong-Thorstad.
“We’ll just go with whoever can do the most for the money,” she added.
Armstrong-Thorstad said she is “very thankful” for the response from the public given “Project Petunia” has become an important part of the town’s image, as well as how it presents itself to local residents and visitors alike.
“We can’t thank them enough,” she enthused.
“Everybody loves those flowers. It looks so nice.
“You come in from the one end of town, and you cross the Causeway and the view is breathtaking,” Armstrong-Thorstad noted.
“You come in the other way and those baskets are what impresses you,” she said.
“That’s it. That’s our welcome, our big bang from the other end of town. You’d just hate to see that go.
“To lose it would just be heartbreaking, you know,” she reasoned.
Donors included:
•Kathy Judson (RE/MAX First Choice Realty Ltd.)—$200;
•Susan Bodnarchuck (Holmlund Financial)—$50;
•Jane Gillon (MNDM)—$50;
•Daryl Eyolfson (Daryl’s Custom Landscapes)—$250;
•Leon Gingrich (Gingrich Woodcraft)—$200;
•Heather Johnson (RBC Royal Bank)—$100;
•Paul Noonan (La Place Rendez-Vous Hotel)—$100;
•Mrs. Maureen Blair-Leighton—$100;
•Tom Pearson (Camp Narrows Lodge)—$100;
•Todd Moxham (Cater 2 U)—$200;
•Marilyn Allan—$100;
•Joyce Cunningham—$50;
•Ruth Vivian Olson—$50;
•Sadie Kowalchuk—$50 ;
•Mark Caron (M.L. Caron Electric)—$100;
•Northern Lights Credit Union—$50;
•BDO Canada LLP—$200; and
•Dawn Hayes—$400
Armstrong-Thorstad said the town once again will water the flowers through the summer.
While some people have asked her why the town doesn’t help pay for the flower baskets and planters, she pointed out the town has a significant flower budget, as well as plants and tends to a large amount of flowers during the summer at the cemetery and elsewhere.
Watering the planters and baskets for the Chamber goes “over and above” what it already has to do.
The Chamber has, in the past, provided flowers for 18 planters and 50 hanging baskets which have adorned the 400 block of Scott Street, as well as the “gateway” area at Mowat Avenue and Church Street, and along Central Avenue and King’s Highway west to Tim Hortons.
The BIA does the 100, 200, and 300 blocks of Scott Street.

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