Monday, August 3, 2015

Council backs door-to-door mail delivery

Town council is throwing its support behind the fight to keep door-to-door mail delivery here.
Council passed two resolutions at its regular meeting Monday night following a request from Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) Local 538 president Sandra Lange.

“Canada Post informed the public that they intend to stop door-to-door delivery the same [day] they told everyone they were raising the price of stamps,” Lange told council.
“We, the union, found this out at the same time as the public, where normally everything is consulted on between the union and the company,” she noted.
“What does this mean to our community? It means seniors and disabled people who do have home delivery won’t anymore,” Lange said.
“To some it will be a matter of just walking or driving to a mailbox, but for others this won’t be possible.
“We’ve been told by seniors that they will miss their letter carrier’s smiling face or having someone to chat about the weather with,” added Lange.
“This also means a minimum of four more decent jobs lost, which represents 50 percent of our letter carriers who are already overloaded due to all the cutbacks in recent years.
“And even though Canada Post claims that revenues and volumes are way down, take a look at some of the letter carriers as they walk down the streets,” Lange remarked.
“Their loads are heavier than they’ve ever been.”
Lange said the community mailboxes that Canada Post will have on nearly every block not only will be an eyesore, but pose another problem.
Who will clear the snow and ice from in front of them, thaw the locks in winter, mow the grass where they stand, and clean up the flyers that get discarded?
“Town workers, maybe?” wondered Lange.
“We have eight of these community mailboxes around town already, and they have always been a problem,” she noted.
Council agreed to write a letter to Lisa Raitt, the minister responsible for Canada Post, to call on the government to reverse changes to services announced by Canada Post, and to look instead for ways to increase service and revenues in areas such as postal banking.
Council also agreed to write Raitt to inform her that Fort Frances wants to keep and expand door-to-door delivery.
It also will request that the government consult with Canadians about what kind of postal service they need before allowing Canada Post to make major changes.

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