Friday, July 31, 2015

‘Fool’s Gold’ airs tonight

The series premiere of “Fool’s Gold” will air today at 7 p.m. on Discovery Canada (Channel 24 on Shaw Cable).
The new TV program, which was shot in and around the Straw Lake Beach Gold Mine area near here last year, features the humorous exploits of modern-day prospector Todd Ryznar and his ragtag gang of would-be miners.

They include local personalities Mark “Grizz” Fairnington, Jason “Roj” Whitehead, and Jimmy “Big E” Easton.
The first two episodes of the eight-episode season will air tonight.
Even if you can’t tune in live, record it on your PVR as this counts towards viewership ratings and shows Discovery how many people are loving the new program.
To keep up to date on “Fool’s Gold” news, search for “Fool’s Gold TV” on Facebook and “Like” it.
They’re also on Twitter @FoolsGold_TV.
Follow them there for discussion before, during, and after their weekly episodes.

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