Friday, July 31, 2015

‘Fool’s Gold’ hits paydirt with fans

If the non-stop laughter and applause Tuesday evening was any indication, it looks like “Fool’s Gold” could strike it rich with viewers—not only across Canada but around the world—when it premieres on Discovery this coming Tuesday (May 13) at 7 p.m.
The air was charged with excitement and a sense of hometown pride as more than 200 people packed the banquet hall at La Place Rendez-Vous to watch a pre-screening of the first two episodes of “Fool’s Gold.”

The all-ages crowd, many wearing “Welcome to Fabulous Straw Lake” T-shirts, was a sea of smiling faces as they watched on the big screen the exploits of the Shotgun Exploration team as they search for gold at Straw Lake.
They include mine owner Todd Ryznar, local residents Mark “Grizz” Fairnington, Jason “Roj” Whitehead, and Jimmy “Big E” Easton, along with Atikokan residents Matt Wensley and Mikey Strom, and Alexa Gerrish and Olivia Denhardt of Thunder Bay.
No doubt about it—Fort Frances loves “Fool’s Gold.”
“It’s hilarious,” said Lori Germain Crowe. “I was crying I was laughing so hard.”
“I am going spread the word, for sure,” she added. “I want everybody to see it.
“I hope these guys make it big.”
“It was really good,” echoed Pam Rodrigues.
“You laugh constantly because you know them, too. But even if you didn’t, it’s really funny,” she added, noting she even liked the show’s narration.
“It’s good to see local people getting involved in something like that, especially with the hard times going on in Fort right now,” echoed Germain Crowe.
Jackie Lampi-Hughes and her husband, Chad Hughes, were equally elated.
“I love it and I can’t stop smiling,” said Lampi-Hughes. “The whole time I’m watching the screen, I’m smiling.”
“My first impression is it’s awesome. It’s better than what I thought—it’s unbelievable,” enthused her husband.
“It is hilarious,” added Lampi-Hughes. “And the hometown boys rock!”
“Fool’s Gold” also scored points with the teen crowd.
“I thought it was really funny and I liked it,” said Taylor Steinke. “It was better than I thought.”
“I think it’s hilarious,” noted her friend, Madison Morrison.
“I never thought they’d be goofing around and having fun,” she remarked.
“I thought it would be just hard work, but they had fun.”
Both agree they think “Fool’s Gold” will be a big hit.
“It was the funniest show I’ve seen in a long time, and I’m really looking forward to watching all of the episodes,” said Dana George.
“It was better than I thought,” she agreed. “I know a few of the guys, and grew up with some of them and they’ve always been pretty funny.
“But this show just makes them more hilarious.
“This show should be very successful,” George added. “I mean, look at all of the support that we have here tonight [Tuesday].
“And with it going on Facebook, and everybody learning how to ‘tweet’ and stuff like that now, they’ll have lots of support,” she reasoned.
“They have lots of fans already.”
George’s 14-year-old daughter, Jocelyn, agreed.
“I really liked it,” she noted. “Knowing how funny it is and the theme of the show, I think it’s going to be pretty popular.
“It’s perfect for all different age groups and anybody can pretty much watch it,” she added.
“That’s a good thing for it.
“I though it was going to be focused constantly on going for the gold, but they added comedy onto it, which made me really like it.”
The entire Shotgun Exploration team, as well as Kristi McInnes Gerrish who appears in some episodes, were on hand for Tuesday night’s promotional event and were mobbed by family and friends—and probably a few new fans who just watched them on the big screen.
Ryznar said the pre-screening put his mind at ease as far as whether the public would love “Fool’s Gold.”
“It feels a lot better to know that people thought it was funny, too,” he said during an interview after the screening as the fervent crowd rushed to greet the cast and take photos.
“We laugh ourselves because we know each other, so it was really great to see people enjoyed it as much we did,” added Ryznar.
Ryznar, who will be going to Toronto with Whitehead this coming Tuesday to promote “Fool’s Gold,” said the half-hour show is fast-paced, and encouraged viewers to watch episodes more than once to catch everything.
“You’ve got to watch them a second time because you missed a lot of the jokes,” he remarked.
“People were laughing [at the first joke] so you don’t hear the second joke.
“It’s definitely something you can watch over and over again,” added Ryznar.
At Tuesday night’s sneak peek, the crowd was urged to keep supporting the show.
They can do this by watching “Fool’s Gold” when it debuts on Discovery this Tuesday (May 13) at 7 p.m.
Even if you can’t tune in live, record it on your PVR, as this counts towards viewership ratings and shows Discovery how many people are loving the new program.
To keep up to date on “Fool’s Gold” news, search for “Fool’s Gold TV” on Facebook and “Like” it.
They’re also on Twitter @FoolsGold_TV.
Follow them there for real-time discussion before, during, and after their weekly episodes.

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